How Crypto Gets Hacked

I started my crypto journey answering the basic questions of how this works, why this important and why I should be paying attention. But then I wondered “What could go wrong? How does a crypto protocol get hacked and what happens after?” This is the story of my findings.

Disclaimer: I’ll be talking about individual crypto projects in this series but this is for informational purposes only and not a solicitation to buy or…
Ronin Hack, NFT Phishing, KYC for Self-Custody Wallets, and thoughts from the SEC
Tron, Ponzi Schemes, The Future of CoinJoin, and the Senate Hearing
Executive Order on Crypto Reg, DeFi Founder Risk, Ukraine Scams, & More
DAO Hacker Found, Circumventing SWIFT, and Frozen Crypto Assets
Phishing on the OpenSea, Funding Ukraine with Crypto, Monero at Risk, & the Coinbase Bug
BlockFi Fined, Defi Oversight, and a Story of the Almost-Scammed
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