My thoughts on the recent SEC complaint and what is means for staking.
Disclaimer: I’ll be talking about individual crypto projects in this series but this is for informational purposes only and not a solicitation to buy or…
This is a thought/writing exercise, and not a solicitation to buy or sell bitcoin, commodities, or any other financial instrument. I don’t firmly hold…
Ronin Hack, NFT Phishing, KYC for Self-Custody Wallets, and thoughts from the SEC
Tron, Ponzi Schemes, The Future of CoinJoin, and the Senate Hearing
Executive Order on Crypto Reg, DeFi Founder Risk, Ukraine Scams, & More
Maybe you’ve heard of people who are close to death and seeing life “flash before their eyes.” They recount the memories of their loved ones…
DAO Hacker Found, Circumventing SWIFT, and Frozen Crypto Assets
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